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Relaxing Massage Section

The massage is one of the most requested massage in our time. Although it seems a simple therapy should be done with care, attention and dedication, achieving different changes that benefit our body, mind and spirit.

Sport Massage

Sports massage is one of the means used to achieve muscle recovery and athlete common expenses. He is the type of massage that is done to prepare the muscles for any sport, it is applied before, during or after sports.


Aromatherapy is a massage technique in which the plant essential oils are used to prevent or treat the disease, reduce stress, and improve well-being. Aromatherapy massage in a combination of massage oils essential oil extracts aromatic silver used.

  • Sport Massage in Costa Rica

    Sport Massage

    Sports Massage. It's the kind of massage that is performed in order to prepare the muscles for any sport, is applied before, during or after [...]
  • Costa Rica Relax Massage


    Relaxing Massage. It is a specific massage that acts on the nervous system and stress management psycho. It is characterized by a slow cadence, [...]
  • Massages


    What is Reductive Massage? Reductive Massage is performed with a high pressure and a faster speed than usual are a series of kneading whose main [...]

Other Services We Provide


We know how important it is an excellent presentation of your hands and feet which provide a service where not only involves those details so they look spectacular but include scrubs and massage to take you to a world of relaxation.

Treatment Body Wraps

Wrappings draws toxins from the body and helps tone the skin, removing excess fluids and toxins from the body. Treatment involves wrapping the trunk, arms and legs of clay and other organic ingredients. A comfortable level of heat is applied and, while compression provided

To Relax

To relax you and make you feel good and naturally beautiful, the Decléor treatments administered by beauty therapists trained in our exclusive Treatment Method will soon become an essential part of your life..


Reflexology can be used to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. It may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Many people use reflexology as a way of relaxing the mind and body, and counteracting stress.

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Foot reflexology is firm and delicate handling of both feet to stimulate your reflex points in order to relieve body tension and soothe emotions.
Reflexology helps to create a healthy and harmonious, ideal for the effective functioning of the human being to physical, mental and emotional state. This natural way of healing has passed the test of time and remains a simple and safe treatment, which obtained remarkable results worldwide. Reflexology stimulates or calm areas of the body through intelligent manipulation of their areas or reflex points.t

The massage or relieve deep tissue massage is one of the most used to reduce stress product of muscle tension or loads held by poor posture that we acquire in our lives daily massages. Despite being one of the massage increases the pain of the affected area, the patient feels relief at receiving this massage.
It applies throughout the body with emphasis on the back area of the neck muscles, trapezius because they are areas where voltage tends to increase, Specific techniques for each area are used to treat.

Lymphatic drainage

Stimulates cleansing the body through the drain toxins, a process is medically proven and is recommended for improving the immune system, reduce water retention, reduce stretch marks, cellulite and after surgery.

Therapeutic massages

A deep massage to eliminate muscle pain (contracture) and joint pain and accumulated stressEach massage type has different benefits and focus on different needs, however, as you read the articles Spa Massage

Reductive massage

The massage works massage the area of the body where excess fat accumulates, looking through the pressure metabolize fat to get rid of the body naturally.
With pressure, a special slimming made from natural seaweed extract and other components that cause fat hardened steel easily be handled by the same body is used.

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