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What is reductive Massage?
Weight loss is not impossible.
Reducing massage, they are useful measures to reduce and eliminate cellulite and stretch marks strategy.

How reductive Massage?

The massage works to massage the area of the body where excess fat accumulates, looking through the pressure metabolize fat to get rid of the body naturally.
With pressure, a special slimming made from natural seaweed extract and other components that cause heavy hardened steel easily be handled by the same body use.
These massages are excellent for removing cellulite marks and stretch marks.
These are a natural method that does not endanger their health as the case of diet pills and liposuction.
Note that in this massage slimming never talks about losing “weight” but reduce the volume, allowing a better shape.

Reducing benefits of massage
They can be made anywhere in the body: waist, hips, legs, abdomen, under the chin.
Stir and remove fatty tissue.
Remove Cellulite.
Advantages of the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Reducing massage cons
Sizes can get off at the moment and then rise again. Therefore, treatment should be accompanied by diet and exercise for best results.

Special massage creams can cause allergies in some people.
It can cause bruising massage intensity depends on the person, and then they disappear.
Those who choose this type of massage a doctor before check should be performed as reducing massage may aggravate kidney infection.

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