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Sport Massage

Sport Massage

Sports Massage is a type of massage that prepares the tissues for the sports effort and injury prevention and recovery in both training and competition.

For this reason, the massage is perhaps, within the physiotherapeutic techniques, the most appreciated by the athlete.

There really is no special sports massage, as there is not, for example, a geriatric massage. The difference lies in the moment of the sporting activity in which it is applied and in the therapeutic objectives that we pursue

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a technique in which all maneuvers are performed with gentle, slow and progressive mobilizations, and their function is to help mobilize the body fluids, eliminating the waste substances that accumulate in the interstitial fluid.

This massage is very effective to combat certain health problems and also in the field of aesthetics.

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

The Relaxing Massage is a manual therapy designed to improve the well-being of the person since its maximum objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body.

Massage is a method of valuation and manual treatment of those parts of the human body that present or may present a disease, with the aim of improving pain, reducing or eliminating muscular tensions, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and obtaining relief of stress, anxiety and the tensions of day to day.

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In short, the main objective of Relaxing Massage is to relieve tension and achieve a mental state of relaxation, prioritizing the manipulations and soft passes above the sudden and strong movements, more reserved for therapeutic massage or decontracturant

Benefits of Relaxing Massage

As can be deduced from this information, the relaxing massage is a very safe manual therapy, complementary to any other therapy or conventional or natural treatment, aimed at improving the person’s well-being, since its maximum objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body, also known as the hormones of happiness.

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